Photocopy booklet and listening session for the first Music and Poetry class:

Emily Dickinson, 1315: poly-tonal on a cognitive level, concision.

Thoreau, selected Journal entries on sound: interdependent notes on sound world, environment and poetic thought.

Joscelyn Godwin, Acoustics, from The Mysteries of the Seven Vowels: The partial series, voice as instrument, vowels and words as musical tones. Listening and identifying acoustics as complex musical information processing.

Kamau Brathwaite, selection from Barabajan Poems: personal jazz archeology/autobiography. Discovering music in context, interweaving of expository writing on music, poetry, autobiography.

Played for class:

Arnaut Daniel, Chanson Do.Ill Mot Plan E. Prim from Troubadour songs, Lyrichord Discs,1994. Translated by Kenneth Koch

Satisfaction, Music by Vitold Rek, lyrics by John Tchicai, from Saisfaction, Enja, 1992

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