Nurses and teachers, working people and public sector workers, the poor, the elderly and the sick are destroying this country, and harming CEOs, hedge fund managers, and investment bankers, the very people who create non-union jobs in the first place. It's just a fact of life that the tax breaks needed for these job creators generate deficits. Someone has to pay for them. It's time to share that burden.

Nobody believes more in free enterprise and competition and of the best man winning than the man who owns the company that can fire you on a whim and have you escorted out by security by 12:00. People need to stop complaining and clinging to worn-out concepts like the forty-hour work week, overtime pay, and upward mobility. They should feel lucky they even physically exist.

The union members try to pretend that they are "middle class taxpayers." Their voices cannot drown out the voices of the countless real taxpayers who want to significantly decrease the size of the middle class in general in the US, leveling the playing field for everyone left with jobs.

Teachers and nurses see their pensions and benefits the way the Mafia views its "partnership" with a restaurant, as described in the movie "Goodfellas:" Business bad? F--k you, pay me. Hey, guess what? I'm a grade school teacher and I can burn down your garage for $300! F--k you, pay me. Your place got hit by a fragment of Spacelab, huh? F--k you, pay me.

Look at any history where people fight for rights and you will find that rights aren’t things people fight for and win, they are privileges controlled by a political class giving or taking them away based on merit. It's true that people in the Middle East are protesting for rights and the media finds that interesting but in the US sooner or later the media stops finding it interesting.

Meanwhile for many of us there's such a thing as too much democracy. For mafioso Democrats, the purpose of government is to dole out free money, but government employees aren't exactly like the mob: the Mafia guys have a strong work ethic. And, listen up teachers and nurses -- if you don't like this deal: the National Guard might have something so say about it -- accidents happen.

Public sector workers are living in a bubble, but they need to be living in bubble wrap so they need not worry about being damaged when being shipped overseas. Their corrupt union pays off the political classes to give them benefits that no one in the private sector gets, like having enough time to read the International Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, Article 23, section 4, which says people have the right to form trade unions for the protection of their interests. When it was passed, eight fiscally responsible nations abstained: the Soviet bloc, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia.

Play time is over. You don't get to live worry-free while the rest of us have to wonder how to pay our mortgage, taxes, food bill, gas bill, electric bill, and sock away money for our children's education and retirement and funeral, all while carrying you on our backs. If the middle class makes the shift to working class and working people make the shift to unemployable lumpenproletariat we wouldn't have to worry about this type of thing.

It's not that we're trying to trick working people, it's that we’re not going to roll over and sell out the American people like has been done time and time again in Washington. We are going to become responsible. Founding father James Madison said that the government ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent (job creators) against the majority. By cutting taxes for job creators and paying for it by removing children from Medicaid, we protect you from having your neighbor be able to afford health care when you can't.

We're doing the just and right thing for the right reasons, and it’s all about getting our freedoms back.