Booklet and listening session for the Music and Poetry Workshop #3:

Harryette Mullen, from Trimmings, Tender Buttons

Tom Raworth, from Eternal Sections, Sun & Moon

Derek Bailey, from Improvisation, Its Nature and Practice in Music, De Capo. Chapter on church organ improvisation.

John Schaefer, Who is Lamonte Young? from Sound and Light, La Monte Young And Marian Zazeela, Bucknell Review, ed William Duckworth

Leroi Jones/Amiri Baraka from Blues People

Leo Smith, from notes 8 pieces) | source | a new | world | music | creative music


Harry Partch, The Letter, from The Music of Harry Partch, CRI

Harry Partch, Barstow, Eight Hitch-hiker’s Inscriptions from a Highway Railing at Barstow, California, from Enclosure 2, Historic Speech-Music Recordings from the Harry Partch Archives, Innova

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