Booklet and listening session for the Music and Poetry #2:

Read aloud two short poems:

Laura Riding, Cure of Ignorance
Ted Berrigan, She

Compared the vocabulary registers of these poems, degree of repetition, and overall mood from a chordal perspective. "vertical playing" in poetry. Tension and relaxation.

Andrey Bely, The Dramatic Symphony

Applying musical structure to writing on the level of the phrase unit as well as the long term use of image and thematic repetition. Satire. Layering.

David Toop, Ocean of Sound

Genre-defying in critical prose. History and sensation. Using the mass of recorded music and literature as a kind of creative space.

Herman Helmholtz, On the Sensations of Tone

Inseparability of science and art. Psychoacoustics and difference tones.


Sun Ra, Nuclear War

Archie Shepp, Malcolm, Malcolm,-Semper Malcolm

Will Alexander "A National Day in Bangladesh"

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