do  do  do  do  do  do  do kicker of elves, 
 do  do  do  do  do  do  do kicker of elves


Blake refrigeration.

--seen on a van


Well, I know what it feels like to chant "join us" to a wall of riot cops when the streets are filled with thousands and you know the election was rigged and some judge / cleric's face on TV is telling you to shut up. I remember wondering what those riot cops were feeling as they put in overtime for the clerical class. Then again I was fairly sure they weren't going to start shooting into the crowds in NYC.

It is, if nothing else, a measure, an image of the pooling power, will and desire in a population, even if unfocused, and even if it seems a failure, for now.


A new recording is available on PennSound: 

A duo with me on guitar and poetry and James Ilgenfritz on bass, recorded last fall at the Segue series at the Bowery Poetry Club.

I'm reading poems that will be included in my forthcoming Combo book. 

2. So I Guess Wilford Brimley's Got the Big Taco Now
3. Cart
4. By Whatever Misgivings
5. Guys Like Terrorism
6. Why do I Hate Flarf so Much?

Stream or download entire performance here. (39:45)


from the new, beautifully hand-made Cannibal Magazine, issue 4:

in the mind's eye
                    the deep fuse
          and the short boom.

--Buck Downs

over what one might call the idea of the mouth. Impossible to revisit that muffled exclamation.

--Elizabeth Robinson

     ...a self that is not 

the one I know
   so that the one I grasp
    could be 
      the elf of someone's self. 

--Pierre Joris


So, okay.... Food Party...

Consulting psychic potatoes when Jay-Z announces he's coming for dinner. 

Use of a hack saw on eggs that cross international boundaries (I'm you). 

Casio Gymnopedies. Wait for the laser discs.

Violence against birds. Wait for the bologna sushi.



The book party for Douglas Rothschild's new Subpress book, Theogony, is this Sunday at The Zinc Bar:

Sunday June 14th 6:30pm
Zinc Bar
82 West 3rd Street


I've seen a lot of unexpected things on the street in New York over the years. One thing I had never seen, until last Sunday, was someone selling ducklings. There were about five of these tiny, mind-bogglingly cute creatures, in an aquarium. I listened in for the sales pitch: "... they'll follow you around..." Which they indeed started to do as I leaned towards the glass.


Pierre Joris on Douglas Rothschild's Theogony.