I want to hear your voice
encouraging someone.
I want to hear your voice, as an alternative
to competing in the Olympic games.
The federal government has two choices,
it can bail out big banks
and hope help trickles down to homeowners,
or it can organize a dictatorship.
I want to hear your voice,
because it is probably the first music to
come along since some of the Kinks' older stuff that
actually brings the beginnings of tears to these jaded eyes.
I want to hear your voice
so you can talk about why it's important
to be aware of the situation.
I want to hear your voice talk about
creative and meaningful ways to take action,
chances are I will not be smart enough or fast enough
to rescue you if you're struggling.
You need to hold a lovely person in your arms.
The Department of Defense has accumulated
billions of dollars in excess property,
covering the entire range of materials,
equipment, and articles the Department uses,
including vehicles, weapons,
hand tools, lumber, medical equipment, and furniture.
A song that goes from full chorus
and band (that's loud) to a segment that is nearly
oriental in its pristine simplicity -- just wandering
piano, electronic swirlings and the whoosh of an icy wind.

1 comment:

rodney k said...

Shweet tonal change-up, dubs lovely in spin.