Vanitas 2, edited by Vincent Katz

Kit Robinson:

Trees are our principal mental comfort

Ron Silliman:

When a giant clam bites down, it can sever a man's finger
In the next room, I hear the sound of her urine
One rooster, half hidden among the great noise of gulls at dawn

Brent Cunningham:

There ended my salad days. "Tis forever a hard and difficult lesson when a boy deduces the burial of his hamster. I guessed then that I should become the enemy of consciousness.

Stephanie Young:

the minute I walked into the room--hit a button--any save the lovely face--went running to the edge of the screen--the money too--languishingly turned toward her executioner--and other people--100% modal

Jeni Olin:

We're all the same height lying down.

Elaine Equi:

I know better / than to go punching holes / in the universe.

K. Silem Mohammad:

I was talking booty talk all phat
do me favor please um sure
where you headed lemme follow
come live with me come be my love
my love for you is boundless
like the Atlantic Ocean
true shit

Jack Kimball:

I have no idea where we parked or why we exist.

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