from The Poker 8, edited by Dan Bouchard

Rachel Blau Duplessis:

Who could want to be bored with correct recipe
when cooking and splicing and stirring is glee.
Doggerel's so bad that it can't come to grief.
It's Two Thousand and Seven. We need Comic Relief!
We need more mixage-drivel, less straight-edged bevel.
We need poetry played on the mishegoss level!

Anne Boyer:

Tell a controlled fiction: Alex says
the sophist walks in crop circles,

never put his/her prosthesis on.
He says, "Fuck you, be happy."

I wobble so spherically, an amputee.

Douglas Rothschild:

…Their / yellow leaves above me shine
with that internal light which
tells us so much about our-
selves & so little about our

. . .

E: The Museum of the Mind
I sort of wish I had a snack.

Jennifer Moxley:

There's a quote from Adorno where he says "wrong life cannot be lived rightly." You know, I'm in opposition to the belief that a lot of people have that you can live right within the wrong society, you know, like if you live a certain way you will be right and everyone else wrong.

Anselm Berrigan:

to be the spurned recipient // of what soldiers die for

Rick Snider:

An occasional mania keeps me sane
homemade canals only flow up and down
plagued by a sudden desire to anthropomorphize myself
another solution to all your duplication problems.

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