DC Travel Notes:

Empty Amtrak Christmas day.

Marsh weeds alive in the man made stream.

All these things press up against the borders of that space that cannot be easily exploited. The rest of the space is filled. Living things.


National Gallery

Da Vinci -- Ginevra de Benci.
Glowing presence. Defensive haughtiness. Sfumato ala Cate Blanchett in The Two Towers.

Neroccio de Landi
Etched-looking halo draws attention to the paint.

Openly sucking up to power.


Isaac van Ostade
Muted colors / everyday life.

Grotesque horse-on-velvet stuff.

Hieronymus Bosch
Like it was painted yesterday. Netherlands/monsters?


Richard Serra
Literally becoming part of the museum's structure. Museum's power.

Romare Bearden
Multiple impressions of city/family life. Kaleidoscopes of social energies.

Faces: composites of different faces. Identity a composite of influences.


Dream sequence

moving my computer
into the future
no television
"look at me"
if you touch the TV

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