Frank Sherlock
Bowery Poetry Club intro

Frank Sherlock's poetry uses a poetic composting system, where thoughts
and noticings which might evaporate or be discarded from the mind are
collected and made into an area of material where perceptions and
insights can grow.

Like Buck Downs, he uses a kind of poetic witness protection program to
relocate micro-social speech rhythms, self-reflective process
descriptions and figures of speech:
...long on place short on sightedness

shadowy sketches of self on the lam from the self

Sherlock uses subtle rhythms like in Paul Blackburn and tracings of
thought based on immediate perception like in Larry Eigner. These two
elements are brought together and served with a side salad of humor and
a dessert of Gaussian-blurred connotations.
Loose parameters lead to 

Magic results of course
It could be voodoo
Just to say
what's been expected from
The mouth....

His work moves by turns toward scrutiny, presentness and fun.

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