On New York 1 there's an ad for 1-800-LAWYERS, which features a mustachioed lawyer salesman giving a ridiculous "I'm hypnotizing you with intensity" stare into the camera that is indistinguishable from the affect that can be found on 85% of the author photos gracing the poetry and fiction tomes in this country.



Jordan said...


Ryan said...

I read this and thought of "Chicks Dig War."


Jeff said...

I feel like answering this in a fairly serious manner: poetic marketing is not removed from other types of marketing. Poetry does operate in a different economy: I believe poetry operates in a status economy — status, not money, is what counts — rather than a monetary one.

However, it helps to have money in order to invest in your status.

In the end, the intense look of the poet says, "I am worth listening to, I have or will have status."

Is this out to lunch?

Matt said...

photographers always make people do embarrassing things with their faces