I sat at my desk today and went out

it’s a disaster
these things appear before night
you have the whole world to yourself

now we hate these little things
I get these flecks of rage
I am very lucky

I thought I’d get down to business
I went to the local place
to get some things
I’ll think about these at a later date
I haven’t experienced them yet
I’m sure there will be
no trace of them tomorrow

The liquid isn’t sticky or confused
I move several times a day
directly toward the problem

I can see this will last a while
I’m sure my other half
will use its hands for this

it’s a good thing
as it makes things change.
You can get a kind of face or head
though it doesn’t
really seem worth it.
I can see how this would be
very useful for people
who need to get there.

I got home and took one out
that was about three hours ago,
I just looked in the mirror
and my head was there again
you are like me

there is a range waiting for me
I would never use
washing my hands and looking
into the future
it was no problem
you can pull
this into the new range that
meets the beautiful sounds,
like a silver shaped cylinder
floating outside your bedroom window

What was that in the mirror?
My face?
like coming home after a training course
just as it’s beginning,
be careful not to shine too brilliantly here
or something important could roll away
the liquid inside yourself
control is a beautiful thing

from Petroleum Hat
originally in Daniel Bouchard's Magazine The Poker

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