My Poetics Orchestra will be playing tonight at The Living Theater with Ty Cumbie's Musetry Project:

The Orchestra features: Gene Cawley (gtr), Ty Cumbie (gtr), Katie Degentesh (poetry) , Francois Grillot (bass), James Ilgenfritz (bass), Sharon Mesmer (poetry), with me conducting.

Ty Cumbie's Musetry Project : 8:00
The Poetics Orchestra goes on at 9:00

21 Clinton St., NYC

See you there.


rodney k said...


The pictures from this (the stage with the tub) looked great. Loved too the shadowed gestures of real-time conduction.

When's the Poetics Orchestra box set coming out??

a.raw said...

drew, might you have poetics orchestra recordings online somewhere? i would love to see/hear... cheers!