ICE at The Tank 10.3.07

Claire Chase, flute, Eric Lamb, flute

Nice little black box theater that does a lot of drama so they have good lighting board. Small enough that you could clearly hear the flautists warming up in the back room as the audience filled in. The pre-gig warm-up sounds through the wall just as valid as the actual performance?

Petite, skinny husband and wife (?) duo team with a passionate, dorky stage presence. They looked like wading birds doing a mating dance.

Claire Chase doing Steve Reich, Vermont Counterpoint, solo flute over laptop multi-track flute recording. Solo-over-laptop is rap music style performance, right? Something of that -- a player interacting w/ an invariable source. But I guess the lack of variability is good in both cases -- a grove. Very precise playing from Chase. Amazing how different a flute is from the recording of a flute when they're played side by side. Hearing Vermont Counterpoint loud and live (sort of) I'm reminded of how inevitable the materials and structures sound. Tons of rough, shimmering high end difference tones zipping back and forth between my ear from all the flutes.

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