notes on Either/Or ensemble at the Kitchen, 9.14

A performance of some graphics scores from composers featured in the Between Thought and Sound: Graphic Notation in Contemporary Music exhibit, playing in the upstairs gallery. New music of the 50s, 60s 70s, so: old new music. The gallery was totally packed to the point of people sitting on the floor on pillows -- younger people, mostly early 30s. Very quiet, acoustic instruments, no PA. The fan sound in the back of the room over-defined the noise floor a bit....

Robert Ashley:

Drones with shifting attacks, pulses and timbres. associations of weather: snow and wind.

Morton Feldman:

Cello solo. The dynamics were played a little too tentitivly, even for Feldman. All cello techniques delivered simultainiously in a kind of technique kaleidoscope. Beautiful.

Cornelious Cardew:

This performance needed more commitment. Fascinating transformations though. And excellent texturing and control.

Christian Wolf:

These pieces seems to show off the ensemble best. Loose unison lines, like small flecks of birds moving in the sky. Not loud at all but enough volume to hear a bit more meat in the tones. It sounded like a processes of people working together at some collective task, where it means quite different things to the people invovled, yet it's unified in it's manifestation.

Earl Brown:

Delicacy handled with aplomb. Change and landscape.


Todd Colby said...

Robert Ashley here, yes, you got it right, but you should have said hello.

Drew said...


My Bad. How are the chamber interpretations of those Drunken Boat songs going?

Todd Colby said...