next up was Saturday's Roberto Harrison and Tina Darragh reading, Segue series at BPC

Roberto Harrison

private world colliding with poetic connotation-- ambient, undeniable and highly present. ancient voicings / time travel / evenly distributed vocabulary valences and nuanced control of craft -- pleasure in the recombinations of vocabulary /
immediate attention and speculative imagination intertwine, fuse and come into conflict.

"to heal a body's cage"

intense, private, insular, richly elemental

"the radio has its home in the ice"


Counter Daemons

Tina Darragh

questions of hybrid authorship and of our relation to animals and rights

partial authors

No Rights Reserved -- Darragh encouraged everyone to steal the poetry she read.

Opposable Dumbs

"Field animals have no language, only evolution."

"We were thinking of building where animals were butchered."

"Animals as trademarks are outside of history."

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