Stans Apps, Douglas Rothschild, Bowery Poetry Club, 4/7/05

Stan Apps

"Mainly I feel like a meek oppressor."

"Nothing is more enormous than that person you haven't become yet."

"It needs to be so intensely not true that it is immediately real."

"I love a cheap epiphany, but an overpriced epiphany isn't worth a damn."

Douglas Rothschild

"It's the bad smell coming out of the kitchen that worries me."

"I've never met you, I'm only taking it out on you."

"If you don't have a cake, you can't eat it either."

"Try to figure out exactly what it means in relation to the bees."

Anyone wanting to read a PDF of the selected poems of Douglas Rothschild, please email me: drewgardner9 at hot mail dot com.

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