Stephanie Young and Jordan Davis, BPC, 11/13/04

Came in slightly late to the BPC, where Stephanie had already started, sporting a (new?) rocker-Cat Power-ish look. Almost didn’t recognize her from a distance. I settled in at the bar in the midst of her startling, marzipan-heavy series featuring a haunted talking bracelet and a robot: totally marvelous.

“I lick the plate of macaroni. I have a sincere desire to change.”

“I had gone far to rest among the foxglove.”

Jordan Davis:

Is there a correlation between an appetite for Dub and the relaxed line and welcoming tone modulating themselves to the demands of circumambulation? Am I right in thinking there were more specks of disclosure in Jordan's reading than I'm used to?

“Taco hot dog blooper magnolia.”

“Under interests she listed sex and power, and then crossed one out.”

“It’s got to be overcast to mean business.”

“It repeats it, out to the edge of the pancake.”

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