Peter Culley & George Stanley
Oct 22, Poetry Project

George Stanley

to write without any justification, carelessly

Startling wish-fulfillment poem, Vera Cruz.

Poet as yeast cell.

as simple as a glass of beer

Impressive dramatic monologue --
real shit from a canvas horse
Focused use of image and metaphor -- also, taking or leaving image and metaphor.

Intense, casual dramatic insights.

Peter Culley

masters, if your arms could reach
-- riffing on Marshall Amplifiers -- stacks…

Very small units of coherency, context and perception all with an equal amount of valence recombine and build kaleidoscopically without ever losing a sharp sense of place and commentary.

Culley, like Steve Dickison, is a master of drawing information and thought out of the CD collection. You can feel the music becoming a thing as it is perceived, then as an area from which connotation occurs.
Where Bach wakes you up for a head count, Metallica tucks you in
Controlled and various juxtaposition, not dream-like. More like particle physics...

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