Elizabeth Robinson, Pure Descent, Sun and Moon, NPS 2001

Intimate domestic spaces opening internal dimensions of meaning.

Highly controlled yet relaxed synaesthesia.

Corporealizing issues of language / cognition.

Spiritually charged adventures in everyday living.

Food / body / language.

The fissures and shuffling multiple connotations grow inconspicuously, though with a certain amount of stability, like plant growth. Pastoral then in the sense of an affinity with plant life but operating on the level of thought. Plants can break up concrete, right?

Rain takes on human proportions.

Cooling soup enacts questions of the verifiability of experience.

There seem to be interpretations of dreams intermixing with interpretations of daily life. Interpretive processes fuse to altered and pulled apart narrative gestures and speculative processes in interlocking shapes.

The part of the mind that wants to learn, that is hungry for meaning, is active in the foreground of the work.

Lots of sleep and wake up stuff -- oblique diminutive self-renewals.

Playing off of the ambiguous psychological dynamics of attachment to words / names -- our need for them and our outright suspicions of them.

Simultaneous questioning and celebration of everyday spaces and objects.

Subtly suggestive details pivot in the ambiguity, forming patterns around a dynamic of wish fulfillment? A primal relationship with language and fantasy. Like Coolidge in this respect, but with less narcoleptic intent.

The use of enigmas and contradiction in the tradition of wisdom literature -- Dogen, Alan Davies, Rumi…

A folding of perception and thought into a song-like story laying open and hiding the layers of thinking and playfulness.

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