Rubber Bullets in Oakland

Bring body armor and a motorcycle helmet to the next protest. The police department is now firing into the crowds.

The use of this weapon against protesters is a significant and disturbing act of repressive political violence on the part of the Oakland police dept. It's attempted murder. Pretty simple. I think it's also meant to demonstrate that protesters will have to put their lives on the line if they want to make a statement about the war.

Stephanie Young writes about the Oakland police department's acts of violence against protestors as being an escalation in response to an attack on the war's supply line. No doubt. David Perry wonders on the sublist if this is part of a set of new instructions from "higher up." Maybe. I'm sure Bush will be waiting breathlessly to see if a new Kent State will fly as a patriotic thing.

These weapons kill people and blind people.

These weapons are usually used to kill and injure powerless oppressed people and their children -- mostly Palestinians and Irish are killed by them but also black people in Watts. You can now add American anti-war protesters to that list.

I saw the documentary on Leni Riefenstahl and the beginnings of the Nazis on cable last week. Does anyone else think the country could head in this direction? Ron and Gary both seem to share my fears…

I quote Jordan Davis: "Dude, you've seen the National Guardsgirls with their fingers on the triggers of their assault rifles in the subways. We're already half way there. First comes martial law, then comes war on California and NYC."

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