Your tax dollars are now being used to bulldoze idealistic 23 years-old
girls from Olympia to death.

I guess people will get used to this way of answering idealism.

Maybe the reason fish are speaking in New York state is that people want
the end of the world to happen? Does it make them feel important when
they're there to see it, and to help it along?

By the "end of the world" I mean, of course, the mass killing of
civilians by the United States. It's important to conceive of war crimes
as being "inevitable" just because some maniac millionaires will
personally profit from it. It's actually the begining of the world, not
the end -- what world?

I guess it's not hard to get used to bulldozing girls. Get used to
unprovoked invasions of foreign countries. Get used to detainees who
never get trials. You get used to it.

The largest and most unified and peaceful anti-war protests in the
history of the earth have produced this reaction in our leaders: Fuck
you. I'm going to kill whoever I like. You're damn lucky you live in a
country where it’s hard to just kill you for speaking your mind, because
that’s what we’d like to do to you.

Sitting in the coffee shop on Ave. A before going to work this morning.
People dressed sharply for their work day.

Carpet bombing of civilians.

Maybe there's some intrigue or gossip at work.

Destruction of water systems, food distribution, and communications.

Maybe people aren’t working or are working part time or have artistic
goals they are trying to achieve.

Backing the bulldozer up over the body of the 23 year old girl after
running her over once.

On the stereo they played a nice Indie-rock ballad I didn't recognize. I
had an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese and a large coffee.

"The mother of all bombs."

Rachel Corrie was working on wells for drinking water.

Maybe the talking fish in New Square was really protesting the war.
Maybe he knew about the well water -- maybe he understood that working
on water systems was a good use of one's energy and resources -- unlike
the production of depleted uranium weapons.

Fish know the importance of water after all.

The guy injured himself trying to kill this fish.

I wonder who ate the fish.

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