Nada mentions oscillating bimbo poetics, a provocative way of talking about giddiness (what I would call levity). Giddiness is the main reason flarf is appealing. I love giddiness, though I am almost always put off by self-infantilizing, it's evil twin, which seems evasively calculating, if not tiring. Giddyness infuses rebellious energy.

Oscillation also interests me- in that I often think of things in terms of wave-form activity - you have to if you want to make decent live recordings, etc.... If string theory turns out to be credible then everything that happens will be attributable to oscillating waves. Physics goes back to music theory, which is where it was in 500 BC....

I'm reminded also of trying the Brion Gysin Dream Machine years ago a party thrown by Darin DeStefano in San Francisco. It's basically a set of light bulbs surrounded by an perforated oscillating sheath. You close your eyes and _look_ into it, and the patterns of pulsing red coming through the eyelids are supposed to induce hallucinations. I managed to overcome my skepticism and give it a try. So the thing is pulsing at me through my eyelids for 25 minutes or so and I'm getting a little impatient. I startied to think- god, stupid hippies... drug freaks... but I've already put nearly half an hour into this... okay a few more minutes... Suddenly it kicked in- I was treated to the entire history of insects since the beginning of life on the planet in high speed. Let's hear it for oscillation.

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